December’s Local Author

Hi, everyone! It’s that time again, and I’m happy to say that December’s local author is…Eric Bell! He’s a pretty awesome guy, and his first book, Alan Cole Is Not a Coward, is amazing. You should definitely take a look at the review, head over to his blog to congratulate him for being awesome, and then pick up a copy of the book for yourself.

In other news, it’s almost the end of the year. I hope everyone had a lovely holiday season. Read anything good recently? Let me know!

All Smiles for the Season!

We’re nearly halfway through December, and I’m so happy to be able to write so many nice things lately! Before you can say that I’m not critical enough of some of these books, I do follow the rubric I wrote when I’m grading them. Long gone are the days of my childhood, when books were judged primarily by simple reasoning: did it make me cry? Did it make me laugh? Did I like the end?

But what better way to celebrate the joy of childhood and this time of year than by honoring some amazing books? If you’re looking for gifts for the children in your life, these would be perfect.

So, to those of you out there who celebrate Hanukkah, may you have a wonderful holiday!


Oh, man, Solo was such an amazing book. Genuinely inspiring, and I loved its messages. I actually decided to try something new just for it: writing my review in verse. There was just something about the way Kwame Alexander and Mary Rand Hess wrote the words and gave them that rhythm that got my mind moving in just the right way that I couldn’t stop my thoughts from flowing. I love books like that. I love it when reading something makes me want to write and become a better writer.

I had the privilege of meeting Kwame Alexander last year. He came to talk at my school about writing poetry, writing about sports, winning the Newbery, and growing into yourself. He’s one of the most dynamic speakers I’ve encountered through work, regardless of profession, and all of the kids were enthralled during his presentation. If you’ve got any students who love sports or who shy away from poetry, his books are a great place to start.

And it’s entirely possible that this is the first time I’ve ever given a book this particular rating…

But yeah, it really does earn it.

Of User Errors and Themes

So, I was sure I’d posted yesterday’s post…yesterday. It was all written and everything! But then, when I checked this morning, it wasn’t there! It turns out I made an error clicking a button, so it never showed up. I fixed it now and it’s there.

Also, happy December, everyone! I hope you’re gearing up for the end of this year. This month, unlike the previous ones, all the books reviewed on A Writer Reads will have a theme. Since December is the last of the year, I thought I’d review only books published in 2017. Not only that, I wanted to promote books that are all-caps AMAZING, as in, drop what you’re reading and read them now. Sure, there have been quite a few brilliant ones published this year which I’ve already reviewed, and I’d originally planned to review them in December when I was making out my reading schedule. However, when I actually read them, they were too good to save.

Don’t let this fool you, though! All of the ones I managed to reserve for this month are excellent. If you’re looking for gifts for the kids in your life, may I recommend them? And if you don’t have time to wait, maybe the three from yesterday’s list post will serve as acceptable substitutes.

Anyway, the first of the Awesome 2017 Reads goes up on Tuesday, so see you then!