About AWR

Welcome to A Writer Reads, a resource designed to help teachers, librarians, parents, and students discover the best diverse books for middle- and high-school readers.

My update schedule is Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday.

Tuesday and Thursday are for various books I’ve found, read, and reviewed. On Saturdays I’ll run what I like to call “Saturday Morning Cartoons,” where I review a graphic novel.

In addition, every month I’ll have several special features. The first post of each month will be a list of older, well-loved books that a person could put on their shelf with little to no worry about issues arising. Another post will be dedicated to a “high interest, low level” book. These are designed for readers who struggle with grade-level material. They can be a bit hard to come by, so I’ll be looking for interesting ones with diverse casts. I will also spotlight a local author each month, reading and reviewing something by a writer who lives near me. Some of them you’ve probably heard of, but I’ll do my best to find fresh voices, too. I will also be reading and reviewing a novel-in-verse and a comic-novel hybrid each month, as both genres are popular among struggling and reluctant readers.

Each book review will be divided into several distinct sections.

  1. Header
    • Title
    • Author
    • Publication Year
    • Page Count
    • Genre(s)
  2. My summary of the book’s plot
  3. My review of the book
  4. A “too long; didn’t read” (TLDR) of the review
  5. Three groups who would benefit from or enjoy the book
  6. A detailed list of issues that come up in the book
  7. A list of themes
  8. A grade based on a rubric I created

Most of those are fairly standard, right? My goal is to make books searchable both by issue and by theme, so if there’s something someone is looking for in particular, it won’t be too difficult to find.

As for the rubric, I created it to keep myself honest and fairly impartial when writing my reviews. Books can score up to two points in each of fifteen categories for a total of thirty points.