Happy Halloween!

It seems fitting that I end the month with a collection of frightening local legends, given that tonight is All-Hallow’s Eve, when spirits are said to wander the Earth once more. Not that I’d want to come back on a night like tonight–it’s chilly outside!

I passed out candy to dozens of costumed kidlings tonight, and it’s always cool to see what they come up with. One of the coolest was a homemade jellyfish costume. The kid had taken lots of gauze and fluffed it over a hat, then twined little twinkling lights inside. Iridescent streamers dripped from the brim, and he wore all black for clothes. The effect was just as mesmerizing as the real thing…and perfectly eerie for the day.

As for November, it’s National Novel Writing Month! I’ll be participating in NaNo again this year, and I hope to finish everything for the final volume of my Nerdiverse series. No worries, though! I have plenty of reviews ready to go throughout the month. If there’s anything you’d like me to read, just let me know. Otherwise, stay warm and I hope you don’t get haunted!


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