The Hate U Give

I’d originally slated this review for later in the year, maybe even January of next year. As I say on the review, I’ve got a folder full of reviews ready to go far into the future. I do it this way so I’ll always have something to post in case I get sick, as well as shuffle things around as I see fit. And besides, it helps me keep track of everything I’ve read.

But before I was even a quarter of the way through The Hate U Give, I knew that I needed to post this review right away. It’s relevant to everything that’s been building the past few years. It’s a eulogy to those brought low by injustice and a promise that we can do better. It’s a poignant exploration of things that need to change.

It’s my birthday today, and I sincerely hope that, by the time I’m twice as old as I am now, the events of this book will be seen as historical fiction, that people living in the United States will read it and say, “These kinds of things happened back in the day? I’m glad they don’t anymore!”

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